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We are proud to present our website about shooting services in Bangkok and Thailand, All prices are affordable and simple. Some shootingranges include  pick up at your hotel. You are welcome to contact us and we will help you learn how to shoot while you are in Thailand.

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Below is a shooting lesson from Korat.

We specialize in group tours with full service when you go shooting with us. Our shooting tour or trip include minibus from your hotel or multiple pick up at different hotels. You will have your own private driver, so you do not have to think about public transport or taxi. You get a english speaking guide and a trainer at our shootingrange. You choose the gun you want to shoot and you get 50 bullets. All this included in our group tour. Or you can go to a shootingrange in Bangkok or the rest of Thailand by yourself.

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What gun to shoot in Thailand

Have you ever tryed to shoot? Then why not try when you are in Bangkok. At your first shooting lesson, you get a private trainer,  so that you can learn to shoot and have fun with it. Some of the trainers are retired thail Policemen, so traning is professionel.

If you are traveling in groups or single and want to learn to shoot, then contact us and we will find the best prices for you. This is a free service and we hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand.


Shooting in Bangkok

Many  traning facilitys are open from 9:00am – 18:00pm or later. You can shoot 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards at many shootingranges in Bangkok and many places in Thailand.

At many shootingranges you can’t reload your own gun, well we know where you can. You learn how to load your gun, how to press the trigger correct, alinment of aim and hopefully hitting the targets.

Is it dangerus? Yes and no…..if you don’t know how to shoot a gun it’s dangerus. But here you learn to do everything by your self with supervision of one of the skilled trainers at the shootingrange.

So why not try shooting in Bangkok at our shootingrange, when you have the opportunity.

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Learn to shoot in Thailand

Learn to shoot in Thailand/Bangkok newsmail service

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A trip with satisfied customers


As we say everybody can learn how to shoot. But on this trip we had the pleasure of a really good first time shooter at our shootingrange. Following instructions from our trainer, she shoot 4 times in center. It were hard to tell that more than one bullet hit the center because of her good shooting skills.

The advice from the trainer at the shootingrange to our male shooters is listen and do as we say. Normally womans hit better because they listen to our instructions. And the men often use 30-40 shoots before they start hitting anything.

Join us and learn to shoot in Bangkok at a shootingrange, its fun, safe and you get memories for life. BOOK your taxi in Bangkok here.



We hope you can use the information on our shootingsite. We can also help you, if you want to learn to shoot in Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Korat, Rayong or where you are going on holiday.

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